Upcoming Events

Classes on Zoom:

Tuesday Zoom Class Schedule

12:30pm: Pre Ballet/Tap IIB
1:30pm: Tap III
3:30pm: Jr Jazz II
4:30pm: Pre Ballet/Tap I
5:30pm: Jr Jazz I
6:30pm: Ballet/Tap II
Reminder Dance Team practice is on-line Wednesday 4:00pm!

Thursday Zoom Class Schedule:

10:00am: Creative Movement
2:30pm: Pre Ballet/Tap IIB Thursday/Saturday classes
3:30pm: Jr Hip Hop
4:30pm: Ballet/Tap I
5:30pm: Sr Jazz
6:30pm: Ballet IV
7:30pm: Ballet III
8:20pm: Beg. Pointe/Pointe
We are in the process of contacting all Saturday participants so if you don’t think we have your email please email us at info@dancewithmissbecky.com so we have your email.
Thank you!!!
If your child is 3-5 years old and you are bored at home and want to join in on our creative movement class on Thursdays at 10am please email Miss Becky at info@dancewithmissbecky.com to learn more!

Saturday Zoom Class Schedule:
9:00am: Pre Ballet/Tap I
10:00am: Pre Ballet/Tap IIA
11:00am: Ballet/Tap I
Reminder: Saturday Pre IIB and Creative Movement are being held on-line on Thursdays.

Great dance place! Instructors are amazing. My daughter learned more in the first week then she ever did at her last studio.